Harro Friend

Friend: Matt Harrington

What do you do for work?

I currently work for myself as a Designer & Creative Director, but fortunate enough to work with yourself (Ryan) at both of the brands I do work for at the moment.

What does an ideal day look like to you?

Might sound boring/lame to some, but literally a day where I have nothing to do, can spend time by myself & enjoy my own company. Read a book, go for a walk in nature, go have a coffee at a cafe. Hopefully in the future I can say “Sunday morning with her, having coffee”

Do you have a favourite dinner dish?

I think I’ve told you before the story about how one of my good friends makes me this spaghetti bolognese on my birthday & gets the ingredients from the market, cooks the sauce for like 8-10 hours. Has to be that (sorry grandma) also cause of the thought/love behind it, it’s special.

A favourite restaurant/cafe?

To be honest I’d say I don’t have one? I really like not just going to the same cafe / place regularly but a few. Seeing new people, trying different coffee/food etc. I definitely have spots I go to with certain people though which we enjoy together.

What’s your favourite album of all time?

I know you’re not a huge fan of him personally, but has to be Drakes “nothing was the same”. Not because it’s necessarily the best work out there, but it helped me through a lot personally at the time & you could play it from front to back (which is rare these days I feel).

How would you describe your personal style?

I still feel like I’m figuring it out to an extent & refining it. Definitely over the last year or so I feel I’ve really narrowed it down and been able to actually define it for the first sort of time. I would say it’s street-smart. A combination of streetwear, luxury and tailoring. At my core I’ve always loved streetwear and that’s who I am, but I’ve always admired and loved the luxury side of things as well. Being from the country like yourself, I feel like we aren’t exposed to that side of things as much and it really makes you curious about it all - especially when you move to the city.

Who’s been an influential person in your life and why?

The main person who sticks out is my mum. Just because of her character and love for people, as well as her sheer tenacity to keep going/her work ethic. She had her first heart attack at 32 & more since then, never stopped her or slowed her down. She’s always worked 2-3 jobs, volunteered for years for my childhood soccer club even now when I’m still not there and still makes costumes for my sisters ballet school. She’s a super star mate, I could go on for hours about the stuff she does and it’s never for her but for others. I also want to add that this last year especially, you have been quite influential for me in terms of opportunities and just really knowing my own worth to + actually getting my drive / passion back for the fashion industry, so thank you.

Favourite piece from collection 01? 

I would say the black linen shirt, it’s going to be a staple for me in Summer & can hands down say it’s the best fitting shirt I’ve worn. And the brown 1/2 Barry cap I’ve been thrashing (thank you 🤝🏼) I love how you’ve actually taken the time with the shape of the hat.

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