Dodds Friend

Friend: Stephen Dodd

What do you do for work?

Project manager for a property developer focused on providing accessible and affordable housing to Australians. I’ve worked for a few different developers and am stoked to be working for one where I can provide a positive impact to peoples lives and the community, its been much more fulfilling than some other roles I’ve held where it is purely profit based. I have ambitions to work towards doing something different in the future, I have a passion for connecting with and teaching others, I’m looking at investing time down this pathway in years to come.

What does an ideal day look like to you?

I’m huge on routine, keeps me sane and feeling in control of life. Starting with a 5am wake up I do this six-minute morning routine associated with visualisation (visualising my ideal day.. ha!), breathing, journalling, goal setting and reading, thereafter I’ll head out straight into a run, swim, exercise or something outdoors before having a cold shower, fuelling myself with breakfast and a coffee. Ideally, I’d get out and about with my partner or friends, explore somewhere different whether it be hiking, playing sport or in the ocean swimming or surfing. After attempting to exhaust myself, I love winding down listening to a record at home sitting on the balcony in the sun, working out what outrageous goal I can set out to achieve next. In the evenings, an intimate dinner with friends where we have opportunity to connect / learn something new, or live music would be ideal. That said, I love getting to bed early as my body, brain and personality type don’t allow sleep ins.

Do you have a favourite dinner dish?

Ramen of the spicy variety or paella

A favourite restaurant/cafe? 

Café –Sable (best bagels and cookies ever and the hot biscoff is unreal) close second would be Hugo’s deli, great coffee and an elite fried mushroom sandwich (closest veg option to KFC) Restaurant – Smith and Daughter

What’s your favourite album of all time? 

Mac Miller – Swimming (favourite song – Ladders). It’s so real and honest, talks about perspective, the ups and downs of live which ultimately shape the person / people we are today. Circles by Mac number 2 and I’ll stop there…

How would you describe your personal style? 

Not cool enough but also don’t care enough. Classic for having and wearing the same few things all the time. I’m big on quality over quantity, love the idea of having a capsule wardrobe, however the right brand to start with hadn’t come up until…

Who’s been an influential person in your life and why? 

First real one was Lleyton Hewitt, I was a massive tennis fan as a young kid and he taught me that real grit, resilience and determination to the best version of myself. Too bad I didn’t grow until about 20 years old otherwise I’d be winning the Aus Open, instead I get to look hot in Barry gear.

More recently I would say Hugh Van Cuylenburg, may sound incredibly simple however his books taught me how to live and feel better and I practice the learnings every single day.

Currently reading 4000 weeks by Oliver Burkeman which is reminding me to put myself first and focusing on doing what I want, and can whilst accepting our finitude.

My parents have and always will play a huge role in teaching me the value of life, feeling love, being grateful and making smart life decisions.

*Insert person who can make me be more creative or take a leap of faith to jump into a business venture

Favourite piece from collection 01?

All of it but if I chose one the stripe shirt, with a tucked in white T-shirt is top of the podium.

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